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Protect Your Most Valuable Asset With Dedicated Managed IT Experts

Data is perhaps the single most important asset in your organisation.

But it requires an expert to adequately handle it, store it and keep it safe. There is too much to lose if you don’t.

As organisations begin to make the move to the cloud, they must safely and securely migrate on-premise data to watertight online systems. But this is a highly specialised task – underpinned by regulations, best practices, and risks.

Are you ready to protect your data security?

With resourcing and cost challenges, it’s difficult to keep up with innovations, policy changes, and new approaches while keeping your business running safely.

That’s where we come in.

Let HyperSpike manage your cloud infrastructure and successfully migrate and optimise your most valuable asset with years of experience in monitoring, patching and security. Our team of future thinkers are constantly monitoring performance, finding better ways and seeking the most up-to-date solutions in a world that grows in complexity every day.

It’s this proactive focus that sets us apart from the rest.

A tailored, highly strategic approach to cloud service management

Discover the benefits awaiting you:

Fixed Cost

Keep your connections secure at a fraction of emergency support costs with constant monitoring and timely alerts.

24/7 Expert Support

Our team of IT experts is available 24 hours a day for instant troubleshooting and support.

Proactive Guidance

Work closely with a dedicated expert to continuously enhance your connections, operations, and IT security.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our robust backup and recovery systems safeguard your business and minimise disruptions.

Where you keep and how you manage your data is key.

You only get one chance to get it right – your business success relies on it. If you’re looking for a full-scale solution to manage your cloud infrastructure and valuable data, contact the HyperSpike team today.

Comprehensive cloud support for growing organisations

We’re always finding ways to better serve you. Enjoy complete cloud management and data migration, from installation, monitoring, patching and cybersecurity knowledge, thanks to our years of industry-leading experience.


We understand some applications are not ready for the cloud. Our team monitors and keeps your on-premise servers and on-site PBXs running seamlessly without the chance of failure or attack.


When you’re ready to shift to the cloud or between networks, our experts are here to ensure the data migration process is smooth and done efficiently without you having to lift a finger.


You expect constant, lightning-fast connectivity, efficient data flow, and optimal performance. We deliver it with our complete solution, which includes managing network infrastructure, server set-up, updates, and configuration.


From firewalls to encryption, HyperSpike’s vast cybersecurity suite means your data and networks remain impenetrable.


Our strong partnerships with technology suppliers and service providers mean we take this responsibility off your shoulders while only recommending the solution best for your business.


All the work we undertake strictly complies with industry regulations, standards and privacy law - no exceptions.